Bear Grass Soap Company started out as just a home hobby making soap and eventually embroidered items. Starting out as a Husband and Wife team, Our first event was a community Christmas craft fair in Plymouth, NC more than 10 years ago.

We took a small break but went back to making more Embroidered handkerchiefs and towels, then 4 years ago, we started Thee Sunflower Garden selling embroidered towels and soap. During that time, we were regulars at the Edenton Farmers Market and enjoyed our time there. There were many fairs and events we did across Eastern North Carolina, like going to Somerset Plantation for their craft fairs, and other summer and holiday festivals.

In 2018, we branched out to the Washington Farmers Market and eventually found ourselves at Leroy James Farmers Market in Greenville. In September of 2018, after thinking it over for almost a year, we rebranded ourselves as the Bear Grass Soap Company. This is more inline with our business now and gives us more of a foundation to build upon.

2018 has been a good year and we can’t wait for our Fall events we have planned. Hope to see you soon.