NOTE: Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we are limited on stock. We have much available at our Harbor District Market but need to temporarily remove our stock from the website. We will be fully stocked by mid July. Come visit us in Washington at the Farmers Market to see what we have on hand.


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  • Absolutely Love your soap!

    Got my package. Your packaging was really nice. I absolutely love your soap. That’s all I use now, and it lasts so long. Thank you.

    Candy S.
  • Love the Hippy Chick!

    Sweet family and awesome soap! Love the Hippy Chick Soap!

    Meagan O.
  • Recommend this to anyone!

    I absolutely love this product and it all smells so good. I bought the gift box today at the farmer and the Dail in snowhill nc at the market that they were having today. And the scrub is AMAZING!! It has made my face so soft and smooth. I totally recommend this to anyone. 

    Taylor T.